AVA-Licensed Indoor Vegetable Farm

ENF Farm Pte Ltd (ENF) is proud to be the first local company granted with an indoor farming permit by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).

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Healthy and Hygienic Vegetables : No Pesticides Used

In a clean temperature-controlled indoor environment, ENF produces the freshest, most healthy, nutritious and hygienic vegetables.

The vegetables produced in this high standard environment require only very light soaking in water before consumption. Other farm vegetables require several times of thorough washing and will still show traces of agricultural pesticides or other chemical additives.

Hence the ENF vegetables are not only supporting to save water and labor, but also greatly contribute to a healthy and carefree nutrition and lifestyle.

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Locally Grown, Freshly Harvested Vegetables

ENF produces a wide variety of different vegetables and keeps on its efforts to increase the types and quantities of products offered.

Arrangements can also be made for daily harvest and delivery tailored to our clients’ needs. Literally, farm-fresh and nutritious ENF vegetables can be on the dining table within 4 hours of harvesting, making them the freshest, crispiest and most delicious vegetable dining experience in Singapore.

Enhancing Singapore’s Self-Sufficiency for Leafy Vegetables

In producing and supplying vegetables locally, ENF aims to help enhance Singapore’s self-sufficiency for leafy vegetables and reduce carbon footprint for environmental sustainability. We are proud to bring back to Singapore the healthy, locally produced delicacies, supporting a healthy living and long life to all our clients!