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Hydroponics and LED Lighting

ENF produces vegetables using the hydroponic method of cultivation with thin film flow technology. The most advanced Valoya LED lighting from Finland is employed as the most efficient and productive substitute for sunlight.

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No Agricultural Pesticides Needed

Vegetables produced by ENF meet the same high quality owing to the innovative technology and high level of care applied as well as the first-class production facilities used.

The hermetical indoor farming concept guarantees a strict zero tolerance as regards pest or any other insects and allows the vegetables to grow without using any agricultural pesticides typically used in traditional vegetable farming.

Predictable Growing Cycle and Supply of Vegetables

No external factor can affect or disrupt the growing cycle of each crop and any sort of contamination by pesticides or industrial pollution can be excluded. This makes the ENF vegetables a most healthy and pure natural product.

Short Distribution Routes

The extremely short distribution routes allow the delivery of the fresh vegetables on an exact schedule and in a level of freshness not seen before in the Singapore market.